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Submit Your Photo to the Sidewalk Photo Contest

Want fame as a published photographer? Want fortune in the way of a grand prize? Want to help your town? Then snap a photo of sidewalks being used in Starkville or places where sidewalks are clearly needed, and submit to the Starkville in Motion “Sidewalk Photo Contest”.

SIM is holding a photo contest – opening on October 10th and ending November 20th.  Show us someone using an existing sidewalk or show us where you think a sidewalk needs to go. Read the contest rules.

The rules are simple, submission is online and you may enter your original work as often as you wish. We (SIM) need a bunch of photos of sidewalks and people using them in order to write grants, for economic development with new industries (who expect sidewalks) and to promote active living. What better way than to crowd source through a contest? Entries will be prominently featured on SIM’s social media. So grab your camera or smart phone and start looking for that perfect shot.

First prize in both categories is a $100 gift certificate to Boardtown Bikes and Running. Second prize in both categories is a $100 gift certificate to Boardtown Bikes and Running.

Submit your photo

Join Us for the Bike Walk Mississippi Fundraiser

October 16th
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Central Station Grill

What is Bike Walk Mississippi

Bike Walk Mississippi is the statewide bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization that works to provide a unified voice for the needs and concerns of Mississippi’s cyclists and pedestrians. They work with all levels of decision makers encouraging the creation, expansion and improvement of bicycling and pedestrian facilities and programs throughout Mississippi.  It is their goal to increase the quality of life for the people of Mississippi through promoting the importance of health, safety, recreation and transportation alternatives.

Why A Fundraiser?

The recent sequester has left Bike Walk Mississippi without the federal funding they have come to rely on. With YOUR HELP, BWM can continue to provide Mississippians with the level of improvements for cyclists and pedestrians, such as helping communities like Oxford and Pascagoula become Bike Friendly Communities, establishing a statewide 3-foot law, and holding the state’s first Bike Summit, accomplishments which have earned them national recognition.

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The John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act – Three Feet to Pass

Effective, July 1, 2010, the John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act is designed to improve bicyclist safety on Mississippi roads and highways. It is named for a cyclist who lost his life in an auto collision.  This law provides all the rights and duties of a vehicle when a bicycle is operated on a roadway or highway.  It also requires that vehicles passing a bicyclist must leave a safe distance of not less than three feet between the vehicle and the cyclist.  Read through the rights and duties assigned Mississippi cyclists.

Starkville Bike Helmet Ordinance

The City of Starkville has a helmet ordinance that requires all citizens to wear helmets when riding bicycles.  Read the Starkville Bicycle Helmet Ordinance.  Read the Starkville Daily News Article “Split Decision.”